Sea Energy Treatments featuring OSEA Malibu Skin Care



About OSEA


OSEA Malibu  is a small, family owned and operated company committed to providing customers with extensively researched products designed for their purity, quality, and effectiveness.  OSEA takes care to harvest thier all natural ingredients from the sea and the earth in an eco-responsible manner to ensure the sustainability of the incredible ecosystems in which they are found.

OSEA is known for the highest quality, naturally-sourced skin care that is vegan, gluten-free and biodegradable. OSEA products are free of synthetic fragrances, GMOs, petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

Used by the best 5 Star spas in the country, OSEA's unique formulas deliver instant improvements of the complexion, while nourishing and sustaining the dermal matrix for the long-term health and integrity of the skin.

Sea Energy Rejuvenating Facial


Allow this pampering facial treatment to melt your cares away and put the glow back in tired, dull skin. 

Patagonian algae, white tea, floral oils, peptides and amino acids will transform any skin type.  Heated lava shells relax knotted muscles and leave you completely renewed.


50 minutes $75

80 minutes $120

Sea Energy Body Polish


Rough, dry, dull skin will come alive with the softening properties of deeply hydrating Patagonian algae, shea butter, herbs and nut oils.

The treatment includes a thorough body exfoliation with guarana seed powder and pumice in a rich base of four sea algaes and herbal oils followed by a light massage with a luxurious cream made from coconut oil and passion fruit.


50 minutes $75

80 minutes $120 Includes massage with heated lava shells 

Sea Energy Body Wrap


 This relaxing yet effective treatment begins with a dry brushing to stimulate lymphatic flow.  A deeply moisturizing body mask made from a powerful blend of healing herbs, essential oils combined with Patagonian and French algaes encourages deep relaxation and detoxification.  Heated lava shells help to melt tension and muscle stiffness.


50 minutes $75

80 minutes $120   Includes a scalp masssage, foot massage and mini facial


Sea Energy Indulgence


Combine the best of the Sea Energy Treatments for the ultimate in pampering and skin renewal.

This treatment begins with the body exfoliation followed by the body mask and wrap.  During the wrap you will receive a refresher facial and scalp massage.


80 minutes $120

110 minutes $150