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What Daily Spa Living Means To Me

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Like most people my personal wellness journey has it's ups and downs. My health and habits are a work in progress. This blog will be about how I go about searching for opportunites to include health and wellness practices into my daily routine. It will be about what I am learning as I strive to educate myself further and about where I go to find answers and inspiration.

In my area of Southern California I realize that I have abundant resources for healthy food choices, alternative wellness options and of course year round weather that allows more opportunities for outdoor activity. I feel very blessed and grateful that I don't have to look too far for goods and services that support a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the wave of striving for a healthier lifestyle is sweeping the nation and indeed the world. It's easy to imagine that access to organic and clean foods, wellness practioners, spa centers and many other wellness components will soon be more available everywhere in our super-sized, drive through world. We have much to look forward to due to the dedicated researchers, farmers, practitioners, healers, teachers and wellness advocates in general who believe so strongly in thier conviction that our health is in our own hands and that we can find many of the answers we seek in the natural world.

Come along and tell me how you integrate wellness practices into you daily life. What works for you and resonates with you and gets you results? We will be talking about how to be more energetic, enthusiastic, joyful, peaceful and how to look great doing it all.

I am excited to share a wellness journey with you and look forward to your comments, questions and success stories as we all participate in and support a wellness community.

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