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Learn more about endermology and other spa treatments for slimming, toning and detoxification.



Learn more about wellness programs for balancing hormones, improving circulation and boosting metabolism, detoxification and weight loss. 











The Spa Girl's Ultimate Guide to

Improving Cellulite


If you are wondering what the secret is to smooth, dimple free hips and thighs, the important thing to know is that it is no secret.  But there is a technique.  There is a reason why some people develop what is sometimes called "orange peel" skin and why some people do not.


In my guide you will learn:

  • What is Cellulite?  How it develops and how to effectively treat it

  • Nutritional strategies for detoxificaton, hormone balancing and weight loss

  • Fitness tips for contouring and toning

  • Body care spa treatments for home use

  • Much more

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