Frequently Asked Questions

7 Day Detox

Many people have concerns about doing a detox or a cleanse program because there are so many different types and many are extremely restrictive and may not support certain health conditions. 


Here are some of the questions I am frequently asked and a brief overview of what the program entails.

I’m on the go all of the time. Is a detox for me?
I am a working professional so I understand busy! I have designed this detox to work with a busy lifestyle.


The success of your detox really depends on the quality of your food. In order to ensure that you are getting the foods you want while avoiding ingredients that would sabotage your results, you will need to prepare most of your food yourself.
If you usually eat out or eat prepared foods, you will have to spend some extra time in the kitchen. 
But don't worry.  I am sharing all of my time-saving quick tips and tricks to help make this process convenient, easy and fun. 
You will receive your detox recipes and meal plan a few days before the detox starts so you can go food shopping and do some food prep before the detox starts.


I should also mention that this detox not only allows you to lose the weight, but the first thing you will notice is a boost in your energy level. This means you’ll be more productive and have more energy for cooking, exercising, and taking care of yourself.
Will I be hungry on the detox?


This question comes up a lot because we are all used to the deprivation that comes with dieting.  This detox is not about putting you on a calorie restrictive diet.


This is not a fasting program.  The detoxification comes from eliminating problematic foods which impede digestion and including healthy, organic foods which support proper elimination and a healthy functioning liver.


It is about feeding your body delicious, nourishing food that will satiate you. 

There are 3 levels of the detox and you can go with the one you are most comfortable with to start.  When you feel ready you can move into one of the more advanced levels.  All three levels allow for healthy snack foods for when they are needed.

Will I have to eat strange foods that I have never heard of before?


This detox is all about keeping it simple. Many of the foods will be familiar to you, but I will also introduce you to some new ingredients and recipes that will become favorites even after the detox.


You will be able to pick and choose which foods and recipes you want to eat during the detox. Many of the recipes come from top, world-class destination spas from around the world.  I have also included some of the most requested recipes of guests from my Spa Living Retreats.  You can stick with the foods you know, or you can choose to be a little adventurous and try something new. It’s totally up to you!

What is a typical outcome from participating in this program?

"The detox diet was a good learning experience for me. My energy level has increased and only after 2 days my craving was less than normal, as a result I ate less.  I lost about 3 pounds."                                                Dina


"I found the recipes were easy to put together and I really enjoyed adding some new dishes to my routine.  I only experienced hunger a few times during the week and I was able to satisfy it.  Now, my skin looks better, I lost a few pounds and my energy is high.  After a few days into the program, I found I have no craving for caffeine!"                                                                                                                                                               Kathy


"I liked the whole idea of doing the detox program with an inspiring consultant and a have a structured program. It made me stick with the program.  It was very motivating for me! I feel that I got all the support I needed. As a result I am feeling lighter, my energy is up and I have clearer thinking.  This week was a great start and gave me so many useful tools that I will continue incorporate into my daily life.  Thank you!"            Tina


"Well organized, easy to follow instructions, great recipes.  I was motivated to detox after over-indulging during the holidays. Bloated, tired.  FaceBook was supportive and set the intention for the day.  I especially appreciate the one- on-one consulting.  I love how I feel and look, sleep better too!  I would say the price is a good value.  I think $ 149 is great deal for all this info and coaching. ($99 early bird even better!)  Definitely inspired, will continue another week."                                                                                                                               Catharina


What if I don’t have any fancy kitchen equipment?


The recipes on the detox can be made quickly and easily with the pots and pans you have in your kitchen.

For convenience sake I do have a few items that I recommend in the program guide.


Handy items to have are:

  • Good quality blender

  • Crock-pot style slow cooker, large

  • Good quality, sharpened knives

  • Baking sheets

  • Parchment paper

  • juicer (optional)

What if I get stuck or have questions?

One of the great things about enrolling in this program is that you will have on-going support throughout the entire week. 


You will have access to a certified health coach who understands all the challenges of changing one's eating habits and dealing with cravings.  Your package also comes with the BONUS of a private one-on-one session with the nutrtionist.  You will be able to email me directly with any questions or comments. 


If you are able to start on January 17th you will have the added benefit of group support.

You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group just for people who are enrolled in the Spa Living 7 Day Detox.  

If you live in the Orange County area you will be invited to several fun events and meet-ups to support and encourage you along the way.


It's like having a private health coach for a greatly reduced rate, and a community of like-minded friends to boot.


What if I don't live in the Orange County area?

You do not have to meet up with me or participate in the group activities in order to be successful.


All of the materials are delivered via email and our the private consultation session is done on the phone. In addition you can be part of a virtual group via the closed Facebook group and daily emails.

How do I sign up?

Simply click on this button  

It will take you to the Spa Living Shop.  Click on the box that says Wellness Programs/7 Day Detox.  Then click on the Buy Now button for the Spa Living 7 Day Whole Foods Detox.  Don't forget to enter your coupon code to save $48 if you register by Jan 12.  Enter the phrase EARLYBIRD. 


You will soon get a confirmation email and and all of your instructions.  Need help?  Please email me at mary@dailyspaliving or call me at 949-400-9046.  I will be happy to answer all or your questions and help you to enroll.