Classes & Workshops

I offer a variety of classes relating to wellness.  My years as a corporate trainer in the wellness industry equipped me with a variety of informative subjects for optimizing a healthy lifestyle delivered in a fun and entertaining style.

If you would like to book a class or workshop for your group or event please contact me to learn more about how I can best serve your particular needs or interests.  All classes can be customized according to group size and budget.

Kiwi Juice
Juicing 101


Supplementing the diet with fresh pressed, organic fruit and vegetable juice is now a huge trend in wellness.  In this workshop you will learn all you need to know about how, when, where and why to make your own juice at home and how to choose the best pre-made juices on the go. Discover how to choose the best juicing machines, the best produce and the best supplements. 

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, handouts, juice tasting of organic, cold pressed juices, smoothie demos and tastings.

Raw Chocolate Workshop
Healthy Superfood Decadance


 Learn all about where chocolate comes from, it's history as a prized commodity reserved for royals, the difference between raw cacao and processed cocoa and it's health enhancing nutrients that promote longevity.  

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, handouts, chocolate tastings, organic, raw chocolate deserts and snacks, cooking demos, hands-on truffle making.

Tea Set
Around the World with Tea 

This fun class unlocks the mysteries surrounding the different types of teas, revered for centuries around the world, and the best methods for brewing and preparing them.  Discover the differences between white tea, green tea, black tea and herbal teas and the distinctive health benefits of each. Guests have fun tasting various teas and creating their own, flavorful custom blends by combing teas, fruits, flowers and herbs.

Options Include: Handouts, tea tasting, cooking demo, and hands-on custom blending.

Natural Skin & Body Treatments Workshop

Create Your Own Organic Skin Care


This hands-on workshop shows you how to customize your very own hand-crafted "kitchen" cosmetics.  Learn quick recipes for natural, organic, non-toxic skin care items made from nuts, fruits, oils, herbs and clays.  Includes hands on creation of Peppermint Lip Balm, Nut & Honey Refining Face Masque and more.

Options Include: Handouts, recipes, hands-on crafting and take home products.

Aromatherapy Workshop

Eliminate the Mystery and Inspire the Magic


This fun and informative class covers all the basics of understanding aromatherapy and how it can be used in the home to promote health and well-being.  Guests will gain a deeper understanding of plant-derived essential oils and their origin, history, chemistry, distillation methods, blending techniques, contra-indications and therapeutic value. 

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, hands on blending bar, take home products and handouts.

Yoga at Home
Daily Spa Living

Healthy Habits in 5 Minutes or Less

Everyone loves the stress release, improved energy, decreased pain and uplifted mood that comes from a spa visit.  This fun class shows simple, do-able tips that are so easy they quickly become a natural part of a daily routine.  I incorporate over a dozen items and demos that show how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to work a little extra self-care into a busy day and feel great.

Includes demonstrations, recipes and handouts.

Anti-aging Superfoods

The 10 Best Foods for Fighting Wrinkles & Improving Cellulite


Learn how to approach anti-aging and beauty from the inside out.  This informative class focuses on the best foods for building and maintaining collagen, preserving skin integrity and supporting detoxification.  Find out which foods may be in your cupboard right now to keep you looking and feeling great.

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, handouts, food samples.

Healthy Yogurt
Convenient Nutrition

Optimizing Your Diet On the Run


One of the key reasons many people have fallen into a rut of unhealthy dietary habits is because of the ease of grabbing quick, convenient packaged food-to-go. Learn all my best tips and tricks for convenient shortcuts and quickie recipes that pay off in huge health gains by learning how to “eat this, instead of that”. 

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, handouts, food samples, recipes.

Superfoods Made Easy


The scientific study of the health benefits of phyto-nutrients such as antioxidants, essential fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides have created a new category of foods dubbed "superfoods"  Learn how including them into your daily diet can be easy and delicious.  I show how to maximize the use of frozen fruit, frozen wheatgrass juice, pre-cut veggies, powdered and dehydrated foods etc. 

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, food demos, food samples, recipes, handouts.

Beating the Sugar Blues

Have Your Cake and Feel Great


This class teaches the best natural, sweet foods to use in cooking and baking in order to avoid refined sugar and dangerous, chemical based, artificial sweeteners.  Improving your health by avoiding sugar doesn’t have to mean never having delicious, sweet goodies. Learn the healthiest choices available to empower you  avoid the hazardous effects of insulin resistance and inflammation caused by too much refined sugar.

Options Include: PowerPoint presentation, handouts, demos, recipes, food samples 

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