Circadia Body Firming Wrap


This targeted treatment noticeably smooths and tightens the skin of the body, improving the appearance of skin texture and cellulite.  

The treatment begins with a stimulating exfoliation of the hips and thighs. Then the fast-acting Professional Firming and Shaping Gel is massaged into the skin.  The body is then wrapped in a light compression style wrap to optimize absorption. 


Skin Type Indications:

Lack of firmness, dimpled skin, cellulite.



Feature Ingredients:

  • Theophyllisilane  - Derivative of theophylline and alginic acid, increases utilization of fatty tissues.

  • Caffeine -Increases local metabolism.

  • Horse Chestnut -Contains aescin which has been shown to have anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Butchersbroom extract -Contains Ruscogenins which reduce the appearance and circulation of veins by promoting muscle contractions surrounding the veins. They are also anti-inflammatory and inhibit elastase, thus promoting connective tissue and firmness.

  • L-carnitine - Non-essential amino acid that is involved in fatty acid transfer to the mitochondria where fat can be burned.

  • Cornmint Oil - Stimulating, refreshing.

  • Methyl nicotinate - Activates circulation.

  • Liporeductyl (Peptide) - Activates lipolysis and microcirculation

  • Silusyne (Peptide) -Reduces adipogenesis (new fat) by decreasing PGC-1α activity.


  • Scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite on thighs and buttocks

  • Noticeably smooths and firms, improves skin tone and texture



To learn more about the causes of cellulite and how to treat it, read Dr Pugliese's article in Dermascope Magazine here