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6 Superfoods To Promote Beauty, Inside & Out

December 11, 2013

by Mary Dellene

published by Mind Body Green

There is a big trend in nutrition these days to look to our ancient ancestors for clues as to what might be the ideal diet for humankind.  The idea that natural might be better also has many people raiding their pantries, looking for solutions to their skin care issues.


Pumpkin for a Healthy Complexion

November 1, 2013

by Mary Dellene

Autumn’s big, fat, round, orange icon; the pumpkin.

There is something so loveable about the pumpkin’s bright, cheerful, orange color and huggable round body.  And, at the beginning of a season of shorter, darker, colder days the eternally optimistic pumpkin turns into a jack-o-lantern and reminds us

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